"Aubrey reviewed my extremely raw manuscript and returned it to me chapter by chapter with very concise digital edits that were easy to recognize. In addition to this service, Aubrey has been very gracious and encouraging in her correspondences which goes a long way during the self-doubting, editing process. I would absolutely recommend Aubrey as an editor!"

--Melissa Cassidy

Author of Coming Home: Leaving Busy to Save My Soul

"I have used other Editors and Proofreaders in the past and Aubrey is the best that I have worked with.  She is editing my second book as we speak, and it is poised to be an Amazon Best Seller on week one, just like my first book."

--Brian Duprey

Author, Business Coach

"Aubrey Knorr is a great editor; she did a wonderful job on the content for my online business. Not being a native English speaker, it was imperative for me to use an editor who could iron out any obvious errors, but also subtle grammatical mistakes in my written words. Well, Aubrey Knorr came up trumps. She has a good eye for detail and provided me with lots of very helpful suggestions. She goes above and beyond and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any editing job."

--Anne Christine


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