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Aubrey is a homeschooling mom. She finally found her calling as an editor and proofreader because a friend who saw her potential and believed in her abilities asked her to help edit a book. Aubrey has always been an avid reader and has always had a sharp eye for errors in grammar, style, and usage. She also genuinely wants to motivate others to answer their calling. Currently, Aubrey is learning how to design and publish e-books and design web pages. She is also a big fan of mom blogs, so is learning how to set up different types of blogs as well. No project scares her. She loves doing what she does and thoroughly wishes to help all aspiring authors to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams!


Studied Louise Harnby's books
Takes weekly grammar and usage tests
Graduated college with a minor in English
Current blogger
Editor of a bestseller



For my writing style, please feel free to look through the blog posts. If a certain post is needed, reach out! I also proofread the posts for many bloggers.

Academic Papers (Various)


 (Amazon Best-seller)

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