The Power of the Published Author

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The Power of the Published Author 

You are great at what you do. Your presence on social media is a great representation of your brand. Your blog or website attracts and engages with many new audiences. Your email list keeps you connected with fans and followers. You are steadily growing a following.

Marketing is very important for every person with a mission. Each tool in your marketing toolkit has a job to do, but the one with the most power by far is your published book.

Your name on the cover of a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands, printed-on-paper actual book is the one thing that can take your unique business from only somewhat successful to a full-on rock star status.

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As an Author, You’re an Instant Expert

You don’t think of yourself as an author? Pay attention to the “experts” you see interviewed on morning news shows, talk shows, radio, blogs, and podcasts. Notice anything? They are almost always introduced as “The author of…”

There’s a reason for that. Those who take the time and have the expertise to dig deep into any subject, only to break it down in a way that others will understand, clearly know their stuff. Good books don’t just skim the surface of a subject. They take the time to follow the rabbit trails, make new connections, and explore unknown corners.

When you have written a book, you have almost certainly earned your “expert” status.

Writers Are Committed and Driven

Not only are authors seen as the experts in their field, but they have proven themselves to be more committed than most. Think about the time, the energy, the mental frustration that comes from writing 150, 200, or even 300 pages of content about the same subject. Not only that, but those pages must flow together in a logical order, make sense out of difficult to grasp concepts, and be engaging to their audience, too.

That’s a tall order, and for those who pull it off, the kudos are well deserved. When your book is published, you deserve to walk a bit taller and hold your head a bit straighter. But even if you don’t, others will see you through new eyes, simply because you have written a book.

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Books Offer a “Foot in the Door” When Nothing Else Will

When it comes to publicity, whether it be in the form of interviews, speaking engagements, guest post invitations, or just more traffic to your website, you really can’t do better than a book. Books open doors that no other content marketing tool can.

Books get you noticed by top-tier influencers in your niche.

Books make you a more memorable speaker.

Believe it or not, self-published books even turn into traditional publishing contracts, and all the benefits that go along with it.

With all the advantages that come with having written a book, what’s holding you back? No matter what your niche or who your target market is, there’s room on the shelf for your unique insights. You owe it to your audience, and to your business, to get that book published. Your vision and view is much different than the other “expert.” Put yourself out there. Show the world that you know what you are talking about and you deserve to be taken seriously.

If you need tips on how to write that book when you are completely swamped with all that life throws at you, check out my post “How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write.”

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