Making a Better Life - How I Chose My Profession

Many people have asked me why I chose this profession. What experience do I have? Why would I want to do hours of editing when I could just sit and read the final product?

For one, I thoroughly enjoy reading. I always have. I appreciate any genre of book that has been well written. Also, I have always had a sharp eye for punctuation, word usage, repetition, and misuse of words. I am known for reading everything and always finding mistakes that others have missed.

During my high school and college years, English was my favorite subject. I spent hours reading through the textbooks, diagramming sentences (for fun), writing my own poems and stories, and reading essays in books. In college, I checked over others' papers just to help them out and also passed all of my grammar classes with an A or higher. I even got a final grade of 100% in my English Composition class, which had never been done until that year.

I started editing and proofreading my husband's work when we married over a decade ago and I continue editing everything I read, just for the fun of it.

I started reviewing blogs and web sites to check for flow, cohesiveness, and consistency a couple of years ago, again, just for fun.

I habitually scan every book that I read for errors almost without thinking about it.

Finally, I decided to expand my repertoire and edit for everyone since I enjoy it so much. Why not get paid to do something you truly love?

I honestly believe that everyone has special talents and gifts, and, when properly utilized, can use these to soar above and beyond their wildest dreams. Editing, proofreading, and having an overall analytical eye is one of my greatest talents. Why waste it?

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  1. Writing has been central to my life for a long time. I enjoyed reading your origin story and wish you the ultimate success.


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